Welcome to the website of writer Michael J. Walker… but you can just call me Mike. 🙂

I have just thrown this little site together in preparation for the big day when I start publishing some of my writing, and as you can see, it’s pretty bare bones at the moment (just be thankful you weren’t here to witness my brief venture into a lime green color scheme). But never mind, you didn’t come here to be dazzled by stunning web design (well, if you did, you’re sorely off track), and I will no doubt be tinkering with the site in the weeks ahead to make the design somewhat less objectionable to the reader.

As for my writing, well, the current plan is to self-publish a series of short stories that all revolve around the theme of making “first contact” with an alien civilization. The possibility of intelligent alien life existing elsewhere in the Universe has long been an interest of mine, although I’m not someone who believes that we’re currently being probed by alien-driven UFO’s in the corn-fields of Iowa or elsewhere. Each story takes a different look at how a first contact scenario might unfold (or not, as the case may be) should the fateful day ever arrive. As you can imagine, not everything always goes according to plan.

I will post announcements on this blog when I publish anything, and will be chronicling my adventures as I continue in my quest to get my first novel published–properly published, not self-published–and from what I have been told, it could be a long and difficult road ahead… but you never know.


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