A bevy of writers descended upon to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the center of Austin this past weekend to attend the 2011 Writers’ League of Texas Agents Conference, and I was one of them.

Only just, mind. A good friend and fellow writer had been badgering me to go for months, pushing me to do something about the fantasy novel of mine that has been languishing in a Heisenbergesque “almost done” state for longer than I care to admit. I managed to studiously ignore his entreaties until the weekend before the conference, when the wily folks at the Writers’ League ensnared me by appealing to the inner Yorkshireman in me (see Wikipedia for the reason why Yorkshire Pudding was invented), by offering up a 20% discount.

Thus it was I found myself walking into the Hyatt Regency Hotel a little before 4pm on Friday afternoon, bringing with me a memorized two sentence pitch and a 250 word written synopsis for my first novel.

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Welcome to the website of writer Michael J. Walker… but you can just call me Mike. 🙂

I have just thrown this little site together in preparation for the big day when I start publishing some of my writing, and as you can see, it’s pretty bare bones at the moment (just be thankful you weren’t here to witness my brief venture into a lime green color scheme). But never mind, you didn’t come here to be dazzled by stunning web design (well, if you did, you’re sorely off track), and I will no doubt be tinkering with the site in the weeks ahead to make the design somewhat less objectionable to the reader.

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